The Story of Brand

As the rise of digital influence, nowadays, young people are excited about makeup products. Martinez came with the tagline #thecelebritymakeup as most of the people will adore the figure of the celebrity and is curious about the beauty issue. Martinez has a wide and complete range of cosmetic products. One of the Martinez strength point is that the makeup products contains skin nutrition. Martinez is active in the marketing effort such as beauty class and workshop with professional makeup artist, makeup tutorial and makeup review by popular beauty influencer and celebrities. Martinez keeps on developing innovative products according to makeup trend. Martinez represents a glamour, beauty and elegant character in the brand personality with target market: female, age 25-34, SES C+,B, B+, area: urban with modern type.

Pengaruh digital yang berkembang, dalam era ini, kawula muda menjadi sangat tertarik pada produk makeup. Martinez hadir dengan tagline #thecelebritymakeup karena kebanyakan orang akan mengidolakan figur celebrity dan ingin tahu dengan hal terkait kecantikannya. Martinez memiliki rangkaian produk kosmetik yang banyak dan lengkap. Salah satu hal unggul Martinez adalah produk makeup yang mengandung nutrisi, Martinez aktif dalam kegiatan marketing seperti beauty class dan workshop dengan makeup artist profesional, makeup tutorial dan makeup review oleh beauty influencer ternama dan celebrity. Martinez terus mengembangkan produk-produk inovatif sesuai dengan trend makeup. Martinez menunjukkan karakter glamor, cantik dan anggun dalam kepribadian merknya dengan target market: perempuan, usia 25-34, SES C+,B, B+, area: perkotaan dengan tipe modern.