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Tren Pakai Blush-on di Bawah Mata A La Cewek Jepang. Hasilnya? Wajahmu Jadi Menggemaskan!

Make-up lovers are always doing developments that you never thought. Various make-up trends every year always bring up new things that make you itching to try it. Yup! And Japan is one of the countries that are well known to advance in the world of beauty.

A few years back the Japanese make-up trend called ‘me no shita chiiku is being talked about a lot. The makeup that plays at the bottom of the eye attracts many world girls to apply it. Yes, the red hue under this eye makes you look cute and funny deh. Curious as what? Initip the following review yuk!

1. Trends that have existed since this long began to attend again. More funny and make you look even more adorable

‘Me no shita’ means under the eyes. That means this makeup only focuses on under eye area. Beauty trends that have existed since long this is indeed present again to cure the longing will characterize the make-up of Japanese women in the past. This makeup is often used by geisha and kabuki players. However, it is now reappearing with updates that are increasingly showing the funny and adorable side of women.

In addition to being inspired by geisha and kabuki players, this style of make-up also got ideas from the girls in the Japanese anime. So, put forward the plain side like shy girl and younger.

2. Red hue under the eyes likes to be considered like a drunk or sick fever. But, seriously make your face unique

Wearing makeup blush on this make you look so young and innocent. But, there is also a mention you look like a drunk or a fever. It is also inspired by the characteristics of Japanese women who often drunk and forget to remove the makeup. The women’s faces were flushed under the eyes and the make-up was messy.

However, if you properly apply it, it will not look sick or was drunk at all deh.

3. You should focus on the under-eye area by rubbing blush on finger and 3-point shape at once

The biggest mistake that is often done is to focus on the cheekbones. In fact, the area of the face that is considered quite around the eye just because that part will be the center of blush on you. The trick is to polish the blush on which you have taken the finger, then make three points under the pockets of the eye. Flatten it by tapping it slowly from the inside outwards.

4. Because the shape of the face is different, then apply the make-up is also different for maximum results. For example the oval face owner just simply wrapped a blush on it


If your face is oval, then you apply blush on with a circle from the upper area of ​​the cheekbone to the temple. There is no need for many techniques.

5. Well if your face is round, then you need to make the display thin and sharp so that the red hue does not make you look round

For those of you who have a round face, blush on under the eyes make you worried more visible round. Therefore, you should know the technique of applying it. The important thing is that your face should look taut and sharp, that is to apply a blush on the top of the cheekbone to the temples tightly tapering upwards. Anyway, you are forbidden to form a circle so that the face is not more rounded.

6. Similarly for you who face triangle, quadrilateral, and oval should know the technique of wearing blush on properly so that the results are satisfactory

A rectangular face like this apply blush on via

While for you who face oval, you need to focus on the blush on the center of the bottom of the eye in circles so that your face does not grow longer. Well, if you face triangle, then you need to soften the sharp faces. Just a little bit blush on the cheekbone, form it in a circle only. For a square face, you should use shading techniques to keep your face from getting bigger. How to apply the blush on it is to use the area above the cheekbones in a circle toward your ears, then use the shading technique in the temple area and your jaw line.

7. For other face makeup you can wear natural makeup. Yup! Japanese girl is synonymous with simple make-up

Because Japanese girls are synonymous with simple makeup, then you are dressing a face with simple make-up only. No need to be thick, just eyeliner and eyeshadow faint. Likewise with the lipstick you use, choose the color of nude or pink according to the skin.


Regardless of how old you are now, you can still look beautiful and adorable. Your appearance is not inferior to other girls who are under your age. Good luck ya!