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Maintain cleanliness organ intimate womanhood.

Health sex organs must be a major concern all women. Of course every woman wants her femininity area always clean, fragrant and healthy. The sex organs are not clean can cause fungus that causes vaginal discharge even of dangerous diseases such as cervical cancer. Here’s a few easy tips you can do to preserve the health of the female sex organs.

Use the underwear of cotton rather than silk or synthetic material. Because the area around miss V tend to be damp, use underwear that support the occurrence of air exchange. If there is no air flow, bacteria and fungi will grow in it. And don’t forget to replace the underwear every day.

Avoid using pants that are too tight and uncomfortable so that the health of your sex organs. Using tights can trigger the emergence of bacteria within the organ of femininity. This is allegedly also can cause moisture to Your womanhood organs is compromised.

Avoid using pantyliner too often. Use a pantyliner is too often thought to capable of disrupting the natural moisture levels of your female organs. So that the organs remain healthy and clean femininity, replaced the panties at least 2 times a day could reduce your habits to use pantyliner.

Maintain health when menstruation is strongly recommended for all women. The time of menstruation, make sure you replace pads after urination or while dressing. Make sure you choose pads healthy and comfortable when worn. Replace Your pads at least twice in a day when the menstruation.

Be sure to consume food that is healthy and good for the health of the body as well as your sex organs. Avoid foods and drinks that trigger the onset of vaginal discharge. Avoid consuming food and mnuman that contain caffeine, alcohol also other harmful drugs

Wash the sex organs with clean water. If you are in a public toilet, make sure to wash the sex organs with running water. Things need to be done to prevent bacteria on the bath public toilets can be problematic on the organ of your femininity. Avoid using SOAP while cleaning bath female sex organs. Use a special SOAP for soft feminine organ, has a pH or acidity levels, and made from natural ingredients such as betel leaf extract, and so on.

the pH value is femininity area which leads to acidic properties, whereas SOAP-SOAP bath has a pH is alkaline. Therefore, never use SOAP to clean the bathroom miss V, because it can kill flora, natural balance of the ecosystem in the area miss V.