Felinz Lip Mask Size : 2 Sheets

As the ultimate special care for lips, it is formulated with collagen, moisture complex and multivitamin. Collagen helps soften and treat fine lines on lips. Moisture complex helps lock in moisture and hydration. Multivitamin as antioxidant acts on dry and chapped lips. Fortified with natural aloe vera, chamomile and olive to nourish and soothe the lips. Leaving lips smooth, moist and supple as baby-like lips.

Felinz Collagen Eye Pads Size : 20 Sheets

The ultimate treatment helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness, dark circle and dullness of your under eyes. It is infused with Collagen to revitalize, smoothen, and help restoring the elasticity of the under eyes. The soothing blend of natural Plant Extract nourishes and tones the eye contour area. Eyes appear refreshed, brightened and youthful-looking.

Felinz Exfoliating Foot Mask Size : 2 Sheets

An exfoliating foot mask that exfoliates, smoothens, softens and helps repair dry, cracked, calloused feet and heels. It is infused with multivitamin which contains antioxidant to nourish your feet. Aloe vera, olive and green tea extract help protect dry or dehydrated skin. The sock type foot mask delivers moisturizer and exfoliating agents to your damaged skin for a smoother and softer feet.

Felinz Nourishing Hand Mask Size : 2 Sheets

A nourishing treatment that helps restore moisture to dry, rough and overworked hands. This hand mask nourishes and moisturizes your hands. It is infused with multivitamin which contains antioxidant to nourish your hand. Sweet almond, macadamia nut and avocado oil help protect dry or dehydrated skin. After using the glove type hand mask, leaves your hands feeling soft and smooth.

Felinz Ultimate Breast Treatment Size : 2 Sheets

An ultimate breast treatment in mask. It helps restore firmness and tone to the breast area. Specifically formulated with firming complex to help tighten and improve the shape of breast. Collagen helps smooth, tone and firm the breast. Enriched with multivitamin to nourish and moisturize for a soft and smooth skin. Get them back into beautiful and young looking shape.

Felinz Herbal Breast Treatment Size : 2 Sheets

A herbal breast treatment in mask. It is a breast enlargement and firming treatment. Specifically formulated with pueraria mirifica, it contains phytoestrogen that helps promote breast development for a full and round breast. Enriched with natural extract that contains firming properties to help improve the breast shape. Get a beautiful, round and bigger looking shape.